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Jason Wanlass’s Philosophy : Owner Champion Fitness | Boise Personal Trainer | Meridian Personal Trainer

As a Boise personal trainer serving Meridian and the entire Treasure Valley, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various clients over the years, I’ve realized that there is no set path to improving ones fitness level.  I have seen the most gains and growth when a client’s personal training program is flexible, allowing him or her to adapt to life’s obstacles.  The ability to continually balance work, rest and play is one component of a successful personal trainer program.  The other is keeping it fun!  With levity and playfulness, learning becomes natural, progress happens faster, and short-lived fitness goals turn into life-long changes.

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Jason’s Experience and Credentials:

  • M.S. Exercise Science & Health Promotion, California University
  • B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, University of Utah
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Over 15 Years of experience in the health and fitness industry
  • Fitness Columnist for the Idaho Statesman


  • Private training is the most personalized approach. Using Champion’s training principles, we’ll develop a specific program to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Nutritional guideness is also provided as part of private training to maximize results. Workout sessions can vary anywhere from 30, 60, to 90 minutes in length depending on your training goals. You will progress through the movements, exercises and workouts at a pace that is conducive to your fitness level. It is not any easier or harder than group training,  just personalized to your level. Session Rate: $60/hour*


  • A more economical approach to personal training. By partnering up with a spouse or group of friends, you can experience the same benefits of private training at a fraction of the cost. Plus, by working with a partner or group, you’ll enjoy even more workout variety with the use of partner drills and group exercises. Time-slots are determined by the group and are based on availability. Sessions are offered at 30 or 60 minutes. Session rate: $35–$40/hour per person*


  • Group Training utilizes the same approach as private training with participants sharing a designated time-slot. Unlike a “class” at a health club, you will receive the same level of accountability as you would with private coaching.  In other words, if you miss a workout, expect a phone call, text, or email to find out why you missed out on all the fun! Workouts are tailored to all fitness and skill levels with 1 hour sessions offered five times per week.  Group sessions are fun and have a team-like experience that makes the workout feel more like adult recess. Group Training Membership: $99/month*

*  Rates indicated reflect the average session rate per training option respectively. Training rates vary and are based on training frequency and hour purchased.

Jason Wanlass | Boise Personal Trainer | Meridian Personal Trainer

We are offering a special, only $99 for one month of unlimited group training and 2 semi-private training sessions for new members! Call us at 208-407-3160 to book your complimentary personal trainer session or for more details!


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