Hybrid Strength & Conditioning:

A form of circuit training that incorporates a combination of a high intensity cardio drills and strength exercises into one fat burning and muscle building extravaganza.  This session will prepare you for anything life throws at you and will make you physically and mentally bulletproof!

Athletic Strength & Core:

A workout focused on improving core strength with athletic based movements.  This session will not only help improve core strength, but will also help improve total body strength, power,  and aerobic capacity as well.  Definitely a must have for the weekend warrior!

Total Body Strength:

This workout will increase muscular strength for a total body utopia that will chisel your body like a Greek statue!  Specifically, the workout utilizes compound movements like squats, bench press, pull-ups, to name a few.  These exercises will help build true strength and burn massive amounts of calories!  As a cool down, everyone will receive a complimentary mop to cleanup the plethora of sweat left throughout the gym.  Nothing shines like sweat!

HIIT & Cardio Conditioning:

This workout consists of two phases designed to improve all cardiovascular areas specifically needed for peak conditioning.   Phase 1 is a 10-15 minute aerobic build up to get the body properly warmed up for phase 2 which consists of a “Tabata” style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This session will help improve speed, aerobic endurance, and burn any fat that hasn’t been torched already!

 Running Interval Training:

An outdoor running session that includes track intervals and athletic speed drills combined with kettlebell and medicine ball exercises.  This is a lung burning workout that will push your limits and level up your endurance big time!