Spartan Conditioning:

This hybrid form of training is geared to prepare athletes for the strength and cardiovascular demands needed to compete in the Spartan Races.  A mixture of strength exercises, rope climbing, cardio drills, and running will be used to best simulate the expected obstacles throughout the course.  Specifically, this helps the athlete deal with the physical demands of transitioning from strength to cardio or vice versa. Whether you are participating in the races or not, this session will have you prepared for anything life throws at you and will make you physically tough and mentally bulletproof!

Strength Endurance Training:

This hybrid form of superset training will increase muscular strength, improve balance, core/stabilization endurance, for a total body utopia that will chisel your body like a Greek statue!  Specifically, the workout utilizes superset techniques working the same muscle groups back to back starting with a more stable exercise (ex. bench press) then immediately followed up with a stabilization exercise with a similar motion (ex. TRX push-up).  These workouts are taxing but well worth the rewards.  I guess what I’m trying to say is…you’re welcome 😉

Athletic Conditioning (Soccer Center):

An interval based workout designed to improve your speed, power, agility, reaction skills, and quickness.  Training tools will include plyometric exercises, sprints, agility ladders, cone drills, partner/team drills, and much more.  This fast pace cardio workout will get your heart pumping, blood boiling, and your fat burning!

Spartan Strength Training:

This session is specifically geared to prepare athletes for the strength demands required to become Spartan strong and Champion fit!  Exercises and circuits will simulate obstacles performed at the Spartan race including but not limited to: atlas stone carry, multi-rig, rope climbing, and much more.

Core & Cardio Conditioning:

This workout consists of combining interval based running and cardio drills to help improve speed and anaerobic endurance with core exercises designed to train the stabilizer muscles located around the abdominal region and the spine. “Eight Minute Abs” has nothing on this workout!

 Saturday – Spartan Conditioning (Camels Back):

This outdoor session is geared to prepare athletes for the strength and cardiovascular demands needed to compete in the Spartan Races.  A mixture of bucket carries, atlas stones, sandbag carry, and the “infamous” Camels Back hill will be used to best simulate the Boise Spartan in June.  Carb load anyone??